2017 Reunion

2017 Reunion

Monday, April 29, 2013

Tire Change in Entire Mission

Elder Beesley and Brother Seidl have organized and accomplished the tire change. Always happiness!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Leadership Training April 2013

In preparation for 25 new missionaries and with the new assigned Sister Training Leaders.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Visions at Dedication Point and While Running - Dresden & Berlin & Hamburg - April 2013

Assistants envisioning the Future!!
Where Elder Thomas S. Monson dedicated East Germany in 1975
Miracles happen still there
Finding at P-Day
Helping Hands-Missionaries prepared - Berlin
Running in Companionships for a Great Cause
Victory was ours anyway!
Sport P-Day in Hamburg [influenced by Neumuenster]

Visiting Lutherstadt Wittenberg with the Assistants, April 2013

Assistants Elders Bangerter and Fullmer
Wittenberg where Luther taught
One Church where Luther preached

Zone Training Meetings - April 2013 - Leipzig and Neubrandenburg

Elders Williams and Sullivan teaching in Leipzig
Meeting in the Institute Center
ZTM Neubrandenburg
Zone Leaders - Elders Hansen and Wolfley
Zone Training Meeting Neubrandenburg 04-13

Monday, April 15, 2013

Zone Training Meetings - April 2013

Zone Leaders Hannover learn to bake a Swiss "Zopf"
The Result
Zone Berlin South
Zone Berlin North
Zone Chemnitz
Zone Dresden
Zone Hamburg
Happiness in Zone Hannover
Lunch for Hannover-Missionaries
Zone Hannover
Sisters Champenois and Fugal teach together
Elders Wilde and Davis teach.
Zone Neumuenster
Happiness in Neumuenster
Zone Oldenburg

Mission Activities March-April 2013

District Neumuenster - All Devoted Missionaries. Thank you!
Missionaries and friends watch General Conference at the MC Andrus home.

Happiness in the Bielefeld district.

Sister Hornke helped Missionaries with suits, shirts, and other clothing! Thank you!!!

After some time challenges - we thanked!! Sister Hornke - you're wonderful.
Elders Hansen and Gibson prepared the Thank You note.

Helping Hands in the Germany Berlin Mission - a few examples

Berlin Missionaries help in Eisenhuettenstadt
Missionary-support in Meerane

The Beauty Lies in the Work - Meerane

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Zone Leader Council Berlin, April 2013

All 20 Zone Leaders, 2 Assistants, Sister Kosak and President
Awaiting Excitement.
Excitement Intensified.
Happiness and Hastening Individually.

Missionary Life Last week in March 2013

Elder Yosef Andersson helps preparing a New Apartment - Thank you!
The Kassel District
The Goerlitz District
Birthday Celebration - Elder M. Whitehead
Elder Zondler's birthday with cake!
Elder Mason Duncan helping.
District Leader training in Hannover Zone in the Library
The Heide District