First Reunion

First Reunion

Friday, June 27, 2014

07-14 Mission Leadership Council in Berlin - "Are you going through your mission OR is your mission going through you?"

Mission Leadership Council for July 2014
Welcome! New Sister Training Leaders, Sisters Tolman, Knecht, and DeMolder. New Zone Leaders, Elders Karpowitz, Nielson, Becar, Slinker, and Ashmead.

06-14 Life in the Mission Field

Mission Presidency Meeting Weekend with Presidents Gruse and Stank
DM Osnabrück and interviews
DM Wihelmshaven and interviews
Interviews in Chemnitz with Elders Brown and Houghton
Short visit of the DM Chemnitz!

Friday, June 20, 2014

06-14 19th South Ogden - Funeral of our beloved Sister Marlene Gibson - We ARE a FAMILY!

We ARE a FAMILY - Thank you, RMs of the Germany Berlin Mission. Many wanted to come but couldn't. Elders Olson, Cloward, Whitehead, Sister McCandles [arrived just the day before], Elders Gleason and Ashby, Sister Walker, Elders Turney, Duncan, and Jenkins. But in the center is our Elder Roy Gibson - again, your'e not alone. Former missionary couples attended as well.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

06-14 New Missionary Conference with Trainers - Welcome in the Germany Berlin Mission [GBM = Great Baptizing Mission]

new companionships together
Elders Blake and Yarbrough
Elders Conley and Bell
Elder McKean and Müller
Elders Fisher and Culley
Sisters Blake and Toma
Elders Johnson and Rosenvall
Sisters J. Hansen and Wilson
Sisters Brown and Jensen
Sisters Wallin and Gebhard
Elders Peterson and Boos
Elders Schaal and Lauder

06-14 New Missionary Conference 1 - First importance!

Proud Grandpa shows his first grandchild, Elizabeth, first!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

06-14 New Missionaries arrived from Provo and Preston! Welcome in the Mission Field.

Missionaries from Preston/England
Missionaries from Provo/Utah

06-14 Missionaries finish their Mission. Thank you for your diligent, obedient, and faithful service!

Finishers: Elders Vaughan, Larson, Seedall, Jex, Gochnour, Wilde, Stephens, and Stanley, and Sisters Clark, Jensen, and McCandless
All Eyes are open - except... :)
Goodbye at the Airport. A great group is leaving!

06-14 New Assistant - Elder Wiesner.

Elder Grenko [with special assignment transferred to Görlitz] and Elders Nelson and Wiesner. Thank you, Elder Grenko. you've done well.

Friday, June 13, 2014

We miss our Sister Marlene Gibson, eternal spouse to Brother Roy Gibson!

Sister Marlene Bair Gibson lost one battle but won the prize because of her and her beloved husband's faith. We will miss you in the Germany Berlin Mission.
As it was said, “Disciples, like diamonds, are developed in a process of time and heavy pressures, and both the disciple and the diamond reflect and magnify the light that comes through them. —Neal A. Maxwell, Wherefore, Ye Must Press Forward, p. 125. ”
She perfected so many Christlike attributes in the mission field already. We love you both. We miss you, Sister Gibson. Brother Roy, you're not alone! There is a Germany Berlin Mission family.

“What finally matters, brothers and sisters, is what we have become. There will be no puffed vitas circulating in the next world.They stay here-in the files. What we will take with us-to the degree we have developed them-will be the cardinal qualities that Jesus has perfected; these are eternal and portable. —Neal A. Maxwell, "Out of the Best Faculty," p. 48. ”
All missionaries, who know her, can testify that she has great faith in Him, her and our Savior Jesus Christ. I still remember her tears when she spoke about Him. We love you both so much!

06-14 Mission Life - Welcome - Good Bye - Interviews

Interviews in Bremen
Interviews at DM Delingsdorf in Lübeck
Interviews at DM Elmshorn
Interviews at DM Greifswald
Interviews at DM Lauenburg in Bergedorf
Interviews at DM Neumünster in Kiel
Interviews at DM Rendsburg
Interviews at DM Schwerin in Rostock
Welcome Family McOmber - FamilyHistory Records Preservation Specialists
E/S McOmber - Welcome!!
Elder Bateman [District Oldenburg] coming from his mission, Russia Samara Mission, was released. Great man!
Elder Crotts served a wonderful mission! Thank you for all you did.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

06-14 Mission Tour with President Timothy J. Dyches - Zone Conferences - Mission Leadership Councils in Hamburg-Berlin-Dresden

Mission Tour Zone Conference in Hamburg
Leadership Council in Hamburg - President Dyches
Mission Tour Zone Conference in Berlin
Leadership Council in Berlin - President Dyches
Short visit in Freiberg Temple
Leadership Council in Dresden - President Dyches
Mission Tour Zone Conference in Dresden
Dedicatory Place Radebeul - with President Dyches, President/Sister Kosak, and the Assistants
President Dyches at the place where East Germany was dedicated by President Monson in 1975
Hastening the work and Envisioning Goals - Jarom 1:11