2017 Reunion

2017 Reunion

Saturday, May 31, 2014

06-14 Mission Leadership Council in Berlin

Mission Leaders and their responsibility

05-14 Mission Life

Sister Odenwalder and her parents revisited the mission field.
Elders/Sisters Tenney and Paxton and Nuttall - in the kitchen for the Temple YA Conference in Freiberg
E/S Russell guiding Line-dancing in Halberstadt

Special Birthday for Sister Kosak - Surprise 05-14

Surprise Happy Birthday for Sister Kosak by missionaries
Relatives, friends, and missionaries - Thank you for the few but wonderful hours.

Zone Training Meetings, District Meetings, and Interviews in May 2014

ZTM Neubrandenburg
DM Chemnitz
DM Dresden
DM Freiberg
ZTM Oldenburg

05-14 Coordinating Council in Freiberg

Together with Czech/Slovakian, Polish, and German Berlin Mission Priesthood Leaders

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mission life and Interviews 05-14

District Meetings - Interviews May 2014

05-14 DM Magdeburg
05-14 DM Potsdam

Zone Training Meetings - Interviews May 2014

ZTM Berlin North
ZTM Berlin South with chair
ZTM Chemnitz
ZTM Dresden
ZTM Hannover East
ZTM Hannover West
ZTM Leipzig
ZTM Neumünster

Thursday, May 8, 2014

05-15 Welcome New Missionaries - Trainer/New Missionary Conference continued

Elders Slinker-B. Williams
Sisters Johnson-Clegg
Elders Karlen-Spencer
Elders Morales-Frost
Elders Becar-Short
Elders Mitchell-Peacock
Elders Sagmeister-Bakly
Sisters Jeffery-Emily Miller [2]
Elders Harris-G. Williams
Elders Carter-Draper
Elders Bone-Hall
E/S Kunz serving in Hof
Elders Ashmead-Gallacher
Sisters Babbitt-Sanders
Elders Benfell-Mills

05-15 New Missionaries - Trainer/New Missionary Conference

Family Goodsell
Family Pack
05-15 Trainer
Family Barr

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

05-15 Welcome Missionaries in the Germany Berlin Mission!!

Welcome New Missionaries in May 2014.

05-15 Missionaries finish their mission - We thank you for your wonderful service. Love you! The Lord will bless you.

Finishers 05-15
Elders Breitenstein, Taylor, Coleman, Roberts, Dzierzon, Saunders, Barr, Dospil, Kreitzer, Goodsell, Pack, Hale, Norman, and Davis; Sister Hayden and E/S Montgomery.
We love and miss you!
Early Morning - Good Bye
How Berlin Sky felt!

Friday, May 2, 2014

05-15 Mission Leadership Council in Berlin

MLC 05-15 Berlin
Thank you, released Sister Training Leader, Sister Wallin and released Zone Leaders, Elders Feild, Cannon, Hunt, McKean, and Roberts. Well done!
Welcome new Sister Training Leader, Sister Emily Miller and new Zone Leaders, Elders Haas, Hays, Schmidt, Davis, and Schouten.
Some action in feeling the spirit of "Adjusting to missionary life" - role plays how to encourage...
Welcome back, Sister Diederich together with entire family.