2017 Reunion

2017 Reunion

Thursday, July 31, 2014

04-14 Missionary Support in Stadthagen [picture received this week]

Missionary Choir and Sunday support for Ward Stadthagen - Now it starts

07-14 New Missionary Collage

07-14 New Missionaries arrived safely. What a group! We serve in CRESCENDO.

Sunny Day - Happy hearts - new missionaries in July 2014
Elders Aust and Fitch
Elder Bankhead and Geren
Elders Bowman and Anderson
Elders Garrett and O'Keefe
Elders Draper and Greaves
Elders Colledge and Harris
Elders Clarke and Horrocks
Elders Gerhartz and Weber
Elders Houghton and Wirthlin
Elders Johnston and Peterson
Elders Larsen and Bretzing
Elders Poch and Burton
Elders Matthews and Barton
Elders Mace and Siddoway
Elders Lyon and Foster
Elders Wipf and Despain
Elders Williams and Barboza
Elders Schulte and Borgholthaus
Elders Rich and Smith
Sisters Bell and Hahn
Sisters Miller and Daniels
Sisters Harris and Walker
Sisters Funk and Flake
Sisters Chevalier and Stacey
Sisters Turner and Means
Sisters Shipley and Demke
Sisters Schwante and Ter Horst
Sisters Rasmussen and Treadaway
New Missionaries and Trainers listening.
Trainer and Assistants - Thank you for a wonderful Trainer Conference

07-14 Good Bye to Missionaries - We love and we will miss you.

Elders Daugherty, Brereton, Santiago, Harris, Ustach, Brown, Marshall, Tanner
Elders Hunt, Kincaid, Duncan, Grenko, Atkinson, McKean, Carter
Sisters Schmidt, Babbitt, Schrade, J. Hansen, Wallin, Ahrenholtz, "Child",
Sisters DeGraw, A. Hansen, Ricks. We miss you already!