First Reunion

First Reunion

Thursday, October 31, 2013

10-13 Mission Tour with Elders Patrick Kearon and Christian Fingerle in Hamburg and Berlin

Zone Conference with Elder Kearon and Elder Fingerle in Hamburg
Zone Conference with Elder Kearon and Elder Fingerle in Berlin [the best 50th Birthday at Reformation Day one can imagine]
165 Missionaries singing "Called to Serve" in German
The best 50th Birthday ever! Mission office - President's desk
Zone Conference Hamburg - Elder Fingerle teaching

New Missionary Arrived - September 24, 2013

Elders Hayden and Riddle - Elder Riddle arrived earlier [picture is followed up]

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

IV Quarter Interviews - Visit District Meetings - D&C 123:17

DM Magdeburg - with Elder Spackman far right... :)
DM Bad Bentheim
DM Bielefeld
DM Braunschweig
DM Bremen
DM Goettingen
DM Hildesheim
DM Leer
DM Minden
DM Nienburg
DM Potsdam

Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Missionaries Arrived - October 2013 WELCOME IN THE GERMANY BERLIN MISSION [Trainer Conference and New Missionary Conference in Lankwitz/Berlin]

Elders Davis and Perez
Elders Holbein and Morley
Elders Lowry and Hogan
Elders Noorda and Burri
Elders Poch and Sagmeister
Elders Shaw and Randall
Elders C. Taylor and Lawyer
Elders Youngblood and Conley
Sisters Miller and De Molder
Sister Ricks and Meisenfelder
10-13 New Missionary Conference - Studying "The 12 Week Program"
10-13 Trainers and Assistants

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Missionaries arrived safely - October 16, 2013 - WELCOME!!

Elders Burri and Sagmeister, Sisters Meisenfelder and De Molder. Welcome
Elders Conley, Lawyer, Perez, Morley, Randall, and Hogan arrived safely and happy.

Two Returned Missionaries still know their D&C 4 in German

Former Elder Riesen and Former Sister Curtis

Music at the Leadership Training in Berlin - Sister Sykes plays the piano.

October 2013 Missionaries have finished their Mission [the smallest transfer so far]

Sister Diederich, Elders Alexander Andersen and Nephi Carter - We'll miss you!!
Today morning at 5am. What a cute group.
It looks like - "forced to eat sugar"

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 14th - Impressions

Former Elder Riesen [left 02-13] and former Sister Curtis [left 05-13] visited TOGETHER the mission office.

Office meeting in October 2013
Family Kosak and RMs Riesen and Curtis
10-13 Family Home Evening with family Ruetz [stake president in Berlin] discussing their Family Mission Plan

Zone Training Meetings October 2013

10-13 ZTM Hamburg
10-13 ZTM Neumuenster
10-13 Neumuenster - happiness
10-13 ZTM Berlin South
Sisters studying at ZTM

10-13 ZTM Chemnitz
10-13 Happiness in Chemnitz
Role Plays in Chemnitz

10-13 ZTM Dresden
10-13 ZTM Hannover East
10-13 ZTM Hannover West

10-13 ZTM Leipzig

Leipzig listening
10-13 ZTM Neubrandenburg

10-13 ZTM Oldenburg