2017 Reunion

2017 Reunion

Sunday, March 30, 2014

One Office Missionary Request to Parents and Legal Guardians [Enjoy his English]

"Dearly beloved legal guardians and/or genetically linked stewards of those individuals called to serve as missionaries in this, the Germany Berlin Mission, in the 2014th year of the Lord, on the 24th day, and perhaps at the 12th hour—We do hereby request that ye cease from all manner of practices regarding postage and all that is colloquially known as “Goodies”.

More specifically, we do hereby state that sending packages above the dollar value of 50 Dollars is unwise, as you will then be charged an excise fee.

Instead, please utilize the functions found at Amazon.co.uk, which will allow you to order things for your missionaries that will be much more price-friendly.

Let us also formally request your compliance in not sending medications, medical devices, supplements, or other such materials, which will be confiscated upon sight, and you will then be charged a 30 Euro disposal fee.

We are quite endowed with a substantial amount of goods that would more than satisfy any inhabitant of a “First World” Country, and except for certain extenuating circumstances, we are able to provide all necessary services without trouble.

Many Blessings for your further questing for delightful matters!"

Youth and YSA Stake Neumünster - For one day Missionaries in the Germany Berlin Mission

The entire Stake Presidency and their spouses attended and led their youth/YSA. Amazing Stake.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Final District Meeting - Interview Visits for the First Quarter 2014

03-14 DM Prenzlau in Eberswalde
Welcome back, our Elder Gheen!! We love you.

03-14 DM Dahlem in the mission office
03-14 DM Neukölln
03-14 DM Greifswald
03-14 DM Schwerin in Rostock

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Continued First Quarter Interviews at District Meetings - March 2014

Elder Ames loves the Teaching Pool
03-14 DM Heide in Elmshorn
03-14 DM Flensburg in Rendsburg
03-14 DM Neumünster in Kiel
03-14 DM Leipzig
03-14 DM Halle in Leipzig
03-14 DM Lübeck
03-14 DM Lauenburg in Bergedorf
03-14 DM Hamburg
03-14 DM Spandau in Tiergarten with guest
03-14 DM Tiergarten in Kitchen :)
03-14 DM Wilhelmsburg
03-14 DM Pinneberg
03-14 DM Frankfurt/Oder in Marzahn in SUNSHINE


Three Generations of Assistants
RM Elder Fullmer - the Mormon Coast Guard.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

03-14 District and Zone Training Meetings - Interviews with President

03-14 ZTM Berlin North
03-14 ZTM Berlin South
03-14 ZTM Dresden
03-14 ZTM Hannover West
03-14 Role Plays during ZTM Leipzig
03-14 ZTM Leipzig
03-14 ZTM Oldenburg
03-14 ZTM Hannover East Role Plays
03-14 ZTM Hannover East
03-14 DM Bremen
Bremen Historical Site - Church Portal Piece
03-14 DM Leer without Leer Elders who left already
03-14 ZTM Neubrandenburg
03-14 DM Potsdam
03-14 DM Bernburg in Magdeburg
Elder Becar's Teachings
03-14 DM Braunschweig - Elder Conley is back!!
03-14 ZTM Neumuenster in Kiel
03-14 ZTM Hamburg

Sunday, March 2, 2014

03-14 Mission Leadership Council at the temple in Freiberg

Singing at MLC
New Assistant, Elder Nelson conducting - Joyful
Our Temple in Freiberg
MLC in Freiberg
President Husz was so kind to add a session for us - just wonderful! [picture by Sister Andrus]
President and Sister Husz - kind and marvelous!
How has the temple changed from 1985 on. We were there then!
Great times in Church history - 1985 GDR/East Germany.