2017 Reunion

2017 Reunion

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Zone Conference in Berlin for Berlin North and South, and Neubrandenburg - June 2013

Zone Berlin North
Zone Berlin South
Zone Neubrandenburg
United in wonderful food - thank you, Marzahn Ward Sisters.

Zone Conference Leipzig for Zones Chemnitz, Dresden, and Leipzig - June 2013

Zone Chemnitz
Zone Dresden
Zone Leipzig
Zone Conference in great heat!

Zone Conference Hamburg for Zones Hamburg and Neumuenster - June 2013

Zone Hamburg
Zone Neumuenster
Singing "Called to Serve"

Zone Conference in Hannover for Zone Hannover East and West and Oldenburg - June 2013

Zone Hannover East
Zone Hannover West
Zone Oldenburg
Focus was on Teaching Effectively in warm weather

Elder Burnett and his Parents - Well done, Elder!

New Senior Sister Missionary - Sister Lohmann, June 2013

Sister Lohmann and Sister Wunderli

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Missionaries with their Trainers and Companions [June 2013]

Elders Briner and Bone
Elders Eastmond and Larsen
Elders Mitchell and Savage
Elders Mitchell and Stringham
Elders Rasband and Karlen
Elders Scofield and Johnson
Elders Seedall and Brower
Elders Spackman and Peterson
Sisters A. Hansen and Bronson
Sisters Ahrenholtz and Rasmussen
Sisters DeGraw and Helzer
Sisters Keller and Vick
Sisters Madsen and Killpack
Sisters Schrade, Thornton, and Norton
Sisters Johnson and Meyer

Welcome New Missionaries of Transfer June 2013

June 12, 2013 - Arrived at Airport Tegel
Trainer Conference June 2013 - Assistents teach

Trainers [Elder Seedall only once! :)]

Missionaries finished their mission - June 2013 - Thank you for your mission!

June 2013
 First row: Sisters Mueller, Warncke, Tidwell, Child, and Sister Kosak
Second row: Elders Baker, Burnett, Turney, Clayton, E/S Thurgood
Third row: Elders Olson, Cloward, Brandley, Bangerter, Primas, and Jenkins

At the airport early morning June 12, 2013

SansSouci ["without sorrow"] - Palace of Kind Frederick II of Prussia

Assistants - Elders Wolfley and Bangerter
Burial Place of Kind Frederick II of Prussia

Last year marked the 300th birthday of King Frederick II of Prussia, also know as Frederick the Great or, locally, Old Fritz, who is remembered for his feats of guile on both the battlefield and the potato field.

There once was a king called Fritz. One day he heard about a new wonder plant from South America: The potato. He planted a big field in a nearby village and preached to his subjects about the potato’s nutritional and economic virtues. The subjects did not want to be told what to eat and rejected Fritz’s potato endorsement. The king had an idea. He ordered his soldiers to march to the village and guard the potato field. The fortified field piqued the villagers’ curiosity.

The king ordered the guards to go easy on the vigilance at night, allowing baited locals to steal the crop for their own gardens. The potato flourished and has lived on as a staple of the local cuisine ever since.

The story may be just a myth. But to this day, people commemorate Fritz by putting potatoes on his tombstone


Helping Hands in Chemnitz/Saxony

Chemnitz and Helping Hands
Elder Haas

Missionary Support in Magdeburg upon Elbe river - June 2013

Elders in Magdeburg give their best!
Elders Koch, Williams, and Brereton
Elders Brereton, Williams, Koch, and Lowry

Thank you for working so diligently!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Flooded Areas in Some Parts of Germany - All Missionaries are Safe!!

Missionaries of Leipzig and Dresden Zones supported flooded areas.
There is a time for Praying, a time for Preaching, 
And a time for Working. 
Missionaries in Halle, Leipzig, Groitzsch, Dresden, and Meissen-
and many others. 
All Missionaries are in safety. There was never security problem

Mission Leadership Council in Berlin, June 2013

Second Mission Leadership Council
with new Zone Leaders, Elders Roberts, McKean, Gochnour, and Stoddard
New Sister Training Leaders - Sisters Schmidt, Piteck, and Diederich