2017 Reunion

2017 Reunion

Thursday, November 26, 2015

First Reunion - OCTOBER 2015

Our First Reunion - more than 340 in attendance...
More than six hours together with family. We ARE the Germany Berlin Mission family 2012-15. We pray for each other, we help each other and are there for each other if needed. 
I wished to have more time at the reunion - for many I just hugged, smiled, and said hello. But each one of you are to valuable to speak with and to learn from. Thank you for your great example to fight for a good cause, for the cause of Zion. 
I treasure this time so much and thank you for coming - some of you drove for hours and hours. Emotionally invigorated with a lot of tears ended the day. We saw the warriors we were together for such a long time - and always be. I hope you feel our prayers especially in times of need.

First time to see our granddaughter Elizabeth - what a joy 
blue eyes
Family Reunion after almost three years. We built a bear :)

Life inside and outside the Mission

Missionaries at the Temple in Freiberg
Homecoming of Sister Miller experienced by us. This is what a "home coming" is - now we learned.
Aggie Ice cream - Logan Reunion. Just wonderful to be around those great souls.
At Sister Child's wedding we met E/S Pimentel, our predecessors. Great chat!

We CONTINUE on our Mission blog for the Germany Berlin Mission 2012-2015

We decided NOT to publish the ENGAGEMENT pictures... it will come - 48.13% of our RM are married now. But more importantly, I believe that each one of our RM has the next covenant in heart and mind. We're very happy for those who plan on it, who found the one, who got engaged, and married. Thank you for your great example. We love you and pray for you DAILY!

Elder Lichner and Sister McCandless married!
Sister Seamons married
Elder Tanner Hansen married.
Sister Stuart married!
Sister Rimmaschk married!
Elder Christopher Lloyd married
Sister Child married.
Elder Bangerter married.
Sister Hinkle married
Elder Brayden Hansen married.
Elder Struve married
Elder Tolman married.
Elder von Nieda married.
Elder Künzli married.
Sister Killpack married.
Sister Tidwell married.