First Reunion

First Reunion

Saturday, August 31, 2013

RMs of the Germany Berlin Mission Family met at BYU. Great Group. We miss all of them!

Hey President Kosak!

It felt like a zone leader council yesterday at BYU. Elder Price

Final III. Quarter Interviews in August visits District Meetings Magdeburg and Schwarzenberg

08-13 DM Magdeburg
08-13 DM Schwarzenberg - with former Elder Frenkel [beard]

President Kosak's Dad visits the Mission Office - Wonderful Moments

In his 88th year in life, Dad Kosak teaches in the office
Afterwards receiving Rewards :)
Office Meeting - Focusing on the Purpose

Music in Missionary Work in Silesia

Elder Kossin Plays his Viola Beautifully as Usual!! Thank you so much

After the Flood the Mosquitos Came - What Heroes We Have!!

Mosquitos all over - but it is no
problem for our missionaries.
Smiling as heroes while preaching
the good tidings.
Elders Donner and Thorkelson

Saturday, August 24, 2013

III. Quarter Interviews in August visits District Meetings Leest, Lankwitz, Neukoelln, Dresden, Freiberg, and Goerlitz

08-13 DM Dresden
08-13 DM Freiberg
08-13 DM Goerlitz
08-13 DM Lankwitz
08-13 DM Neukoelln
08-13 DM Leest

August 2013 Zone Training Meetings and Mission Life

Elders and Sisters in Leipzig Singing on the Street
08-13 ZTM Berlin North
08-13 ZTM Hannover East
08-13 ZTM Hannover West
08-13 ZTM Neumuenster
08-13 ZTM Oldenburg
This was given to me... :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Serving Again in Europe - Meeting with Friends: Elder/Sister Nuttall

Here we are in front of the memorial to the Holocaust victims in Berlin.  It was so wonderful to meet again this special couple.  They were already married when Elder Nuttall met them around 44 years ago in Wien, Österreich.  She was a member and had given up on him ever joining the church.  Elder Nuttall and his companion asked if they could visit him anyway, and she just basically threw up her hands and said, "Sure!  Why not?!"  ....and all these years later, how exciting and heart-warming to find them such strong members of the church!  He has been a Branch President, served on the High Council, and is presently in a Bishopric.
A truly wonderful experience!
Elder and Sister Nuttall

III. Quarter Interviews in August visits District Meetings Eberswalde, Schwerin, Luebeck, Kiel, Rendsburg, Heide, Wilhelmsburg, Lauenburg, Hamburg, Bremen

08-13 DM Eberswalde in Greifswald
08-13 DM Heide in Elmshorn
08-13 DM Neumuenster in Kiel
08-13 DM Lauenburg in Bergedorf
08-13 DM Delingsdorf in Luebeck
08-13 DM Rendsburg
08-13 DM Wilhelmsburg
08-13 DM Hamburg
08-13 DM Bremen
08-13 Strength of Missionaries

Friday, August 16, 2013

08-13 Zone Training Meetings and Mission Impressions

Harvest in Hildesheim
Joy at District Leader Training
ZTM Chemnitz - "Individualists"
Zone Training Meeting Chemnitz
ZTM Hamburg "Joy"
Zone Training Meeting Hamburg
Zone Training Meeting Neubrandenburg

Friday, August 9, 2013

III. Quarter Interviews in August - visits DM Braunschweig, Goettingen, Hildesheim, Nienburg, Stadthagen, Bielefeld, Bad Bentheim, and Leer

DM Bad Bentheim
DM Bielefeld
DM Braunschweig
DM Goettingen
DM Hildesheim mit Sister Training Leaders
DM Leer
DM Nienburg
DM Stadthagen

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

III. Quarter Interviews in August - Visit of 34 District Meetings in total [Berlin Tiergarten and Spandau] - WELCOME Sister Chevalier!!

08-13 DM Tiergarten
Welcome, Sister Chevalier!! We're happy to serve together in the Lord's vineyard.
08-13 DM Spandau