2017 Reunion

2017 Reunion

Thursday, October 30, 2014

10-14 New Missionaries Arrived Safely - Welcome in the Mission Field

Welcome, Missionaries - Berlin awaits you!

Elder and Sister D. Porter

Elder Schaal [Assistant] together with Elder Feistl [Visa Waiter Stake Berlin]
Elders Barton and Gunther
Elders Bretzing and Schmalz
Elders Brimhall and D. Williams
Elders Burton and Warby
Elders Fitch and Hopkins
Elders O'Keefe and Winkel
Elders Short and Glissmeyer
Elders Siddoway and Tingey
Elders Smith and Oliphant
Elders Weber and Vellinga
Elders Wirthlin and WiersDORF
Sisters Hahn and Patterson
Sisters Daniels and Kooyman
Sisters Demke and Cady
Sisters Flake and Sibley
Sisters Knecht and Chartrand
Sister Kronwitter and Henrie
Sisters Means and Medley
Sisters Rasmussen and Barlow
Sisters Schwantes and Brim
Sisters Stacey and Titensor
Sisters Treadaway and Murdock
Sisters Turner and Hill
Sisters Walker and Wasden